Why buy local?

Buying Local Asparagus tastes great for so many reasons!


The local asparagus season is short and intense. Ontario farms harvest their fields every day to make the most of the season. Once picked, asparagus is quickly cooled, packed and shipped to stores. This efficient process ensures that Ontario asparagus is consistently high quality, fresh and delicious.


Buy local to ensure that farming will continue for future generations.  This is important for food security & the environment. Buying local food helps to create jobs & supports economic growth in Ontario.


Our farmers are committed to minimizing food waste and promoting sustainability. Using new technology, they are able to promote positive values and decrease our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Processes on Ontario Asparagus Farms

Buy Local

Simply by choosing to buy local, you are supporting food sustainability. When we reduce transportation miles and times, we automatically lower carbon footprints and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Good Soil Health

Asparagus that is not suitable for fresh consumption or processing is composted. Organic compost helps the soil to be healthier which in turn grows healthier, more resilient and more nutritious asparagus.

water use

Water Use

Many asparagus farms in Ontario do not have the need to irrigate. However, some farms have invested in drip irrigation where water is piped in from under the ground. Compared to overhead sprayers, this prevents excess water evaporation and ensures that the right amount of water is provided to the asparagus roots at the right time.

Cover Crops

Cover crops are planted on top of asparagus fields and provide many benefits. They improve soil health by adding nutrients back into the soil. They also slow down erosion, improve water retention and help control weeds and plant diseases.

During Harvest

Every spear of asparagus is hand-picked by workers sitting in specialized carts. Some Ontario asparagus farmers have invested in electric carts that are recharged daily, lowering carbon emissions.

After Harvest

Asparagus grows quickly in the hot summer heat, but it is important after harvesting to cool it down quickly. Removing field heat quickly helps asparagus taste better, and last longer (thus reducing food waste). Field heat is removed quickly through several steps.
  1. Ontario asparagus farmers collect boxes of freshly harvested asparagus hourly from fields. These boxes are delivered directly to the local packing facility.
  2. Freshly harvested asparagus then passes through a hydro cooler, where cold waterbrings down the internal temperature and washes the asparagus.
  3. After the hydro cooler, asparagus is stored in cooler where cold air is forced through the pallets. The ideal temperature is 36°F.
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